The pathways were built in Pathway Studio and published in the book “Disease Pathways: An Atlas of Human Disease Signaling Pathways”.

The book covers 42 common non-oncologic diseases and illustrates the connections between the molecular causes of the disease and its symptoms.

Key Features:

• Over 145 full-color illustrations of the molecular and cellular cascades underlying the disease pathology.

• A comprehensive overview of molecular signaling biology, and application of pathways models in the analysis of big data for drug discovery and personalized medicine.

• Disease pathways are based on computational models from Elsevier’s Disease Pathway Collection, published for the first time outside of commercial software.

• Each relationship on the pathway models is supported by references to scientific articles.

The pathways can be downloaded in BioPAX format for genomic or proteomic analysis, or for browsing in Cytoscape.

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